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Thread: 2020 NBA DD Wrap

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    2020 NBA DD Wrap

    Lots of winners to close the season gents which was nice ! it was a pleasure to be with you guys for all these days of NBA betting, the political shit they threw at us couldn't dampen the joy of getting together daily. Great competition with everyone chasing Skip for the most part, Dave had the best chance right till the end but a couple of stuck in the mud let downs during the 40 day race sealed his fate in the end, hard to recover when Skip got hot for sure. So Thanks to one and all who came and participated, Good Stuff all around .

    Here's your winner for the 2019 NBA DD Contest guys:

    North Ender, WTG Skip !

    PM your info and I'll send you the prize buddy

    2004 Johnny Maestro Summer Concert

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    Re: 2020 NBA DD Wrap

    Congrats, goomba. You made the North End proud.

    And once again, thank you, Thomas for tending your bar. Wouldn't choose another joint even if the bar was full and I had to stand.

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    Re: 2020 NBA DD Wrap

    Yes, congrats again Skip! The USPS would be proud of you two... sure wish the USPS can do as well.
    Thanks again to Thomas for everything he does here!

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    Re: 2020 NBA DD Wrap

    Wow, two in a row, Congratulations!

    Thomas, is North Ender the first back-to-back winner and/or multiple time champ?

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    Re: 2020 NBA DD Wrap

    Thank you Dollars!
    Thank you Gambrinus!
    Thank you my pal Michelangelo!
    Thank You my Postal partner Mearle!
    Thank everyone for the kind words,I appreciate it,can't wait for next season.
    Save the Post Office!
    Tom you and Johnny Maestro are the real GOAT!

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    Re: 2020 NBA DD Wrap

    Nope dollars has 2 for sure and maybe 3 can't remember but I think 19 dd's may be the most although Perry may have had the same one year once again can't remember

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    Re: 2020 NBA DD Wrap

    Thanks Thomas for you efforts in running the DD! Like most stated here, I barely watch any basketball this year. However, I refuse to let the nonsense affect my enjoyment. I had fun participating in the contest and I look forward to next year.

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    Re: 2020 NBA DD Wrap


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    Re: 2020 NBA DD Wrap

    Tom, thank you for all the hard work year after year. It's much appreciated.

    Skip, congratulations on two in a row. Excellent job!



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