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Thread: NHL 2020 2.0---It's A Wrap

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    NHL 2020 2.0---It's A Wrap


    Puckluck +833
    Gambrinus +817
    Thomas +680
    retired ref +635
    Eagle +418
    regular guy +93
    vern +30
    Coverit5 -100
    MeestermikeD -383
    Big Sam -435

    Guys, thanks for a great truncated 2020 part 2 season here in the NHL forum at CC. Think one of the three best teams in the NHL won. They were aided by the 4 month+ layoff and some teams were hurt by it, but it was what it was.

    Thanks to Custom Cappers for giving us people from across the street a place to call home and for the regulars here, an NHL forum. The league and the sport deserve the notoriety as shown by the ever increasing TV ratings and the normally big attendance figures.

    For our little contest here, I'm not sure posters realized how close the race was. I didn't. I forgot I had to add in the series results as well and above are the final standings.

    Some observations:
    ---Like pro sports, I guess who gets hot in the late going has a good chance finishing near the top. My goal was to finish in the + money. I got lucky and won 10 game picks in a row to close the season. Never saw first place all season until the game was decided last night. Luck, better than skill.
    ---GAMBRINUS. What I will take credit for is if you look back to mid August when I was recapping one of the rounds, I said he would not be pulling up the rear, being familiar with him from across the street, and he went on a tear, going from -966 and last place at one point just after my prediction to finish an eyelash behind me at +817. Way to go John and what a turnaround!
    ---THOMAS A September to remember for another former across the street poster and now moderator here (deceased for those wondering what I'm talking about). Tom led for 3/4ers of the month of September and was solid. John & I just had a hotter hand at the end. Fun facts about Tom, 1) He just won the MLB contest over in JJ's thread with a late charge like I mentioned above, proving he is a know it all Canadian in all sports (good NFL capper and does well in the NBA forum he runs). 2) He rarely if ever posted in the NHL forum at Talksport. He's now sharing his vast knowledge in all 4 of the major sports. It's about time. 3) And the great thing about Tom is I can attest he's a good guy you can count on. I'd rather have that title.
    ---RETIRED REF Led for much of August with sharp puckline selections. The schedule just got too narrow at the end. Nice profitable season for a former Talksporter.
    ---EAGLE Let's round off this part of the recap with a guy, Like Tom, I've known for many years from across the way. I would argue that had Jorg been here from the beginning of our quest two months ago instead of finding us midway through August, he might be holding the crown. Another not just good hockey capper, but also a great guy.

    Thanks also to Regular Guy, good plus finish, Vern too, a welcome to Coverit5 and also thanks to MeestermikeD and Big Sam for posting. Much appreciated.

    Let's do this again for a 60-82 game regular season, starting hopefully in late December or early January, keep your fingers crossed. Thanks again guys and stay healthy.
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    Re: NHL 2020 2.0---It's A Wrap

    Thanks for joining us here and glad to have you on board.
    Great job on the ice from a lot of you and let's hope for a back to normal next season.

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    Re: NHL 2020 2.0---It's A Wrap

    Puckluck, thanks for all your hard work. This was a lot of fun. I appreciate your faith in me when I was down almost a grand right off the bat. I got a little lucky at the end. Looking forward to next year.


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    Re: NHL 2020 2.0---It's A Wrap

    Nice finish gentlemen couple of good guys there finishing an amazing 16 bucks apart, now that's good stuff and an excellent ending, congrats both. Thanks to all who played really enjoyed getting back into hockey this season and the neat little group like we had here


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    Re: NHL 2020 2.0---It's A Wrap

    Brock, thank you so much for the kind words and all the hard work. You are one of the finest guys I ever met without actually meeting him. Also congratulations on your fantastic run to win it all. I'm happy to be a part of this group of great cappers and great guys. Gambrinus, Tom and Ref, you guys were tough as nails and you all did an excellent job and made this a lot of fun. Also a big thanks to all who posted their plays here, it's much appreciated. Let's hope for a somewhat "normal" hockey season next year.

    Take care and stay healthy, guys!

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    Re: NHL 2020 2.0---It's A Wrap

    bring that full season on puck(sportpicks)
    actually coulda,wouda, shouda stayed in
    but it is what it is
    thanks for running the POD



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