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    Watching the US Senate on cspan. What a shit show. All these things that the Dems are adding to this bill has nothing to do with the health emergency. Extending loans for solar power companies, $600 Million for aid to the arts, funding abortion, and a laundry list of pet projects that have nothing to do with this world wide emergency. It might be time to bring back the firing squads. Hope everyone is safe, but don't count on the clowns in Washington to help.
    Money won is twice as nice as money earned
    Fast Eddie Felson

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    It's bullshit.
    Trying to use this as leverage for what they want.

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    Yeah its getting scary ! Especially with all the layoffs that are happening. I'm in CT and the last I heard it was around 80k people laid off. What's going on with this check they are promising?? I cant even find toilet paper ! I'm down to my 4 last rolls, at least I have my old racing forums for back up !! Stay safe, Jim



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