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    nice one's thomas.. and houston (the lone squeaker) was on monday night and also the lowest total by a bunch
    ( ) in football and baskets is avg ats or ou it's avg odds and run differential for sides and and late scratches usually not recognized in the horse thread but on occasion will mention.. always double check race and horse # if you play .. I do lose a lot more races than I win.. playing in advance, late odds moves and high takeout very hard to overcome .. derby future opinion post 3713 on page 149 (horse plays)

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    Of interest on the time zone thing, no eastern teams have played a morning game on the west coast since 2012, it was pretty common back before that and there was no interesting results concerning the lines and totals

    A and t:time zone=E and o:time zone=P and season,1 and 1250<=start time<=1310 ne%3DP+and+season%2C1+and+1250%3C%3Dstart+time%3C% 3D1310&submit=++S+D+Q+L+%21++
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    Weird day with two pushes, lucky to get the push on my big bet of the day on SF in the mud bowl, god that was awful. A lot of people on the Eagles everywhere I look, I like Dallas to take care of things tonight in a humdinger of a game

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    Actually had a pretty good week finally @ 4-1-2 so far but it aint over yet , both pushes were harsh losses especially the Chargers

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    Money won is twice as nice as money earned
    Fast Eddie Felson

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