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    Small bets and lots of games to start

    NYJ -1.5

    nyj/nyg O32.5

    Indy -2

    Baltimore -4

    Detroit 1

    det/ne O34.5

    mia/atl O34.5

    Carolina 3

    car/chi O35.5

    sd/ari U36.5

    Denver -2.5

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    Actually had a small profit with that going 6-5. I used past season x results head to head and overall for these picks, honestly not a good method for picking these preseason games for the most part. I think it's laziness now as I get older, I know how to win in the preseason and I've had many successful years doing that but I just don't want to do the leg work anymore it seems. Winning in preseason has to do with reading local papers and team sites etc to try and find an edge and studying coaches past tendencies and understanding what the game plan is gonna be going in. In my preseason heyday I would even go through NFL preseason gamebooks to get info on coaches. That's when I was willing to put in the required amount of hours of course which I don't seem that fond of anymore. But If you do those things you'll make money betting preseason

    NYJ -1.5 L

    nyj/nyg O32.5 W

    Indy -2 L

    Baltimore -4 W

    Detroit 1 L

    det/ne O34.5 L

    mia/atl O34.5 W

    Carolina 3 W

    car/chi O35.5 W

    sd/ari U36.5 W

    Denver -2.5 L
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    Pitt -1.5

    pitt/tb O37

    NO -2.5

    no/minn U37.5



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