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Thread: ~National Championship bowl GOY~

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    ~National Championship bowl GOY~

    I couldn't seem to get on track with the bowl season so I've laid off hoping this National Title game would be a great play and from my perspective it is...

    NATL' Champ and GOY

    Clemson Tigers +6

    MY best to you all and hope to see you at the window!

    Cardfan of Stadium Club Sports
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    2010 Bowls 13-7 +$3K
    NBA 78-47 $13,950
    NCAA BB 117-77 +$22,250
    NCAA F. 47-36 +$5500.00
    NHL 26-20 (Big Dog Plays)

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    Re: ~National Championship bowl GOY~

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    Re: ~National Championship bowl GOY~

    Money won is twice as nice as money earned
    Fast Eddie Felson

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    Re: ~National Championship bowl GOY~

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