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Thread: Draft talk

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    Draft talk

    I know the season is just alittle over half over but was looking at teams at or near the bottom of the standings and this years draft could be very interesting if you are looking for a QB.

    Giants and Oakland would be at 1 and 2 and we know the Giants need a QB and Oakland has Carr but Gruden is probably looking to go in another direction but what if he doesn't.

    U have:

    all of them took a QB this past year(S.F. got Jimmy G)

    then you have

    Denver need QB
    Jack need QB
    Ind Luck ???
    T.B. need QB
    G.B. Rodgers

    If the teams that took a QB this year finish 3-7 then the draft could be very interesting with teams trading up or reaching for a QB.Oakland could also trade out of the #1 or 2 spot if they get an offer they can't refuse.

    I know there is a lot of games left but just found it interesting that the bad teams with possible high draft pick coming already have their (QB of the future) maybe!!
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    Re: Draft talk

    Oakland sittin pretty with a boatload of draft picks. Giants might be looking to make a deal with the METS for TEBOW
    Money won is twice as nice as money earned
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    Re: Draft talk

    Good one Capt. , but seriously who's considered best QB prospect this year ? West Virginias Grier ?

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    Re: Draft talk

    Oregon's hebert is rated pretty high. Maybe Bama's QBs. Grier might be a good one.
    Money won is twice as nice as money earned
    Fast Eddie Felson



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