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Thread: Gambling Sites Could Drop WWE After $45,000 Win On Summerslam

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    Gambling Sites Could Drop WWE After $45,000 Win On Summerslam

    The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Wrestling Inc) reports that gambling sites may no longer offer WWE as an option for betting after someone earned over $45,000 from Summerslam. It’s believed the winner was someone who gets the finishes to WWE ahead of time. Dave Meltzer suggested there wasn’t enough smart money in time or the sites to adjust the line and none of the finishes were changed at the last minute. That meant that someone with “inside knowledge” could get the finishes correct.

    Meltzer added: “He did a $3.36 parlay on ten matches, all of which he got right, and won $45,600. That was a key thing where I mentioned after the show that a lot of the gambling sites were considering dropping WWE because insiders that knew could make a lot of money and that level money was ridiculous. The company that got hammered hasn’t done parlays in a long time, and won’t be doing them again.”

    Gambling on wrestling isn’t considered as popular as gambling for other sports. WWE talents reportedly bet heavily and some sites recognize them, causing the odds to change.

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    Re: Gambling Sites Could Drop WWE After $45,000 Win On Summerslam

    This sounds rather reminiscent of boxing in the 1950's. Was the mob involved this time too? LOL



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