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Thread: Packer fans...

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    Packer fans...

    Couple of thoughts on the draft.

    What truly is the biggest need for this team?

    I actually like their corners, to the extent the current roster provides. Gunther, Rollins and Randall are young and can get better.

    I see a lot of people say they need LB's but I think they are developing well there with Ryan and Martinez. Perry and Matthews outside is one of the best tandems in the NFC. I think Elliott can make a leap this year.

    The d-line is jacked with young potential, how that translates come game time, we will have to see. Clark, Lowry, and Ringo all need to step up and realize their potential. Won't be surprised to see Teddy add one other DL in first 3 rds.

    My first projection is if Forrest Lamp is still available first round he will be a Packer. I think he is a special player even if he is only projects as a guard. Interior OL will be a top 3 pick.

    Teddy has rented TE's for the last couple of years, this is a relatively deep TE class. Howard will be long gone, but I have liked Butt and think he could be a nice long term piece and could be had in the 3rd or so. Njoku maybe 1st Rd??

    With Geronimo Allison stepping up in the playoffs and the returning vets, I don't see a high pick being used. But they will draft one somewhere.

    My initial thought for this post was to ask for feedback on Joe Mixon to Green Bay. This is assuming McCaffery, Cook and Fournette are off the board. My first thought is that this guy is 20 years old. He attacked that girl when he was 18. There is a lot of talk that he has good character and with the reports that he had a sit down with her leads me to believe, the NFL has been behind getting this guy ready for some camera time. He's going to play! It just comes down to who has the political goodwill to take him on. Green Bay seems to fit.

    I also wouldn't be surprised to see Thompson draft a QB in the first 3 rounds should a Watson or Kizer fall into the bottom of the 2nd round. Hundley will be a FA in '19 and may be trade bait later this year if someone needs him. Developing someone in the mean time seems logical.

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    Re: Packer fans...

    I like the Lamp pick, I think they could probably wait to get him and if Green Bay wants to trade down out of the #1 rund and add a pick or 2 they could still get him in the mid-early 2nd round. Packers pipeline to Alabama and UCLA has me guessing if they go corner Humphrey or Moreau are the guys they like. A guy like Jarrad Davis falls I think Green Bay grabs him without even thinking twice. No way I see Green Bay needs a RB early, I think the commitment has been made to use Ty Montgomery and also Christine Michael is a viable option. No doubt they could use some depth at RB, a late flier or 2 sounds more likely to me than an early pick.
    "The sheer unpredictability of sports is what makes it predictable." Who the hell bets units? I bet money...

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    Re: Packer fans...

    With UCLA in mind, I predicted to a friend at work today they take Takkarist McKinley. With the offense adding weapons, seems logical to protect leads with a pass rush.

    Mixon could possibly be the best RB in the draft. To bad he had a lapse in judgement, it has cost him literally millions of dollars. To prove a point to a smart mouth blonde.....

    Teddy will pull a slick trick without a doubt and reach for someone the mockers have in the low 2nd round, yet they are in the playoffs year after year.

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    Re: Packer fans...

    Absolutely love the pick of Kevin King at CB. Big athletic corner from a conference that passes a lot...impact player immediately for the Packers weak pass D.
    "The sheer unpredictability of sports is what makes it predictable." Who the hell bets units? I bet money...

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    Re: Packer fans...

    No surprise that the Bengals took Mixon, he fits right in with the other criminals on that team
    "The sheer unpredictability of sports is what makes it predictable." Who the hell bets units? I bet money...

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    Re: Packer fans...

    King and Jones will be starting quickly. Jones - 6'1 S that weighs 220 and runs a 4.4 40, creative way to get another LB on the field in run support!

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    Re: Packer fans...

    Also wanted to comment on what I think was a disastrous draft for the Bears. They spent a ton of money on free agent QB Glennon and then move up in a draft with questionable QB prospects to take a guy who started 1 year in college. If this kid is not a bust I will be shocked. To start with, if he ever gets on the field this season (Bears fans better hope he doesn't) they have little talent at the skilled positions to help him be successful. His best prospects for the NFL to me would be if he sits for a couple years and learns the position before being thrown to the wolves.
    "The sheer unpredictability of sports is what makes it predictable." Who the hell bets units? I bet money...



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